Education is about what to learn.

But first, kids need to learn how to learn.

My mission with Polymath Parenting is to create the most parent-friendly resource to help our kids be more effective learners.

My Story

My name is Chitra Iyer. I'm a business writer, editor, organic farmer, horse breeder, and mom of two delightful and fearless learners. Each of those are things I began doing after I turned 35. After over a decade as a corporate marketer.
That makes me a perpetual learner, unlearner, and relearner – skills I assumed I had, until….
until I actually threw myself into multiple unknown worlds  - parenting, farming, writing - at the same time.
It challenged me to examine my relationship with learning and exposed my (dis)comfort with failing.
I realized that ‘learning to learn’ effectively is a skill. One that needs to be consciously and consistently nurtured from early on. And it begins at home, with the parents.
However, in the age of digi-tech, data, and distraction, ‘Effective Learning’ is even more than just a skill.
It can be a superpower.

Let's explore what effective learning looks like, and how we can help our kids get there. Let's help them learn anything with the confidence of 'pro learners'!

Why Polymath Parenting?
I chose that name because I'm inspired by how polymaths learn from and connect a wide range of disciplines to come up with brand new ideas. Let's explore how our our kids 'learn to learn' with curious new eyes.

Join me in thinking like a polymath by borrowing the best ideas about learning from all domains - from sports to science, art to history; and apply them to help our kids be more effective learners.

Polymath Parenting

Empowering parents with the ideas and strategies to help our kids become effective 21st century learners.

Build Your Polymath Parenting Superpowers!

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