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Why is

'Effective Learning'

the super skill for the 21st Century?

Many employees no longer need applicants to have college degrees.

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The era of certification as proof of talent is over.

Many Ivy League schools have stopped asking for SAT or ACT Scores.

The era of standardised testing is over.

Millions are designing personalized, self-paced learning paths & careers with edtech.

The era of mass education for the industrial age is over.

Global, remote workforces are powered by talent alone.

The era of geography-based opportunity is over.

AI is writing text, robots are making food and software is balancing accounts.

The Era of entry-level white-collar jobs for humans is ending.

More than 80% of the jobs our children will end up doing haven't been invented yet.

The era of planned careers is over. We need to prepare our children for dynamic learning.
The age of innovation, knowledge, and disruption demands a whole new set of ‘survive and thrive’ skills.
Information has no value in the knowledge era.
Knowledge itself has no value, unless it can be connected, applied, improved and shared.
Effective Learners will own the future because they can connect and apply their knowledge to make smarter decisions and solve problems.

6 core abilities of  effective learners:


Take in diverse learning content effectively.


Make meaning of content and put it into context.


Be able to remember relevant information at will.


Make connections between information from different fields to create new, unique knowledge and ideas.


Be able to use knowledge, in any context, to solve diverse problems.


Continuously refine the learning process and performance.
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